by Ron HeXe and Ghoul Squad

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released October 30, 2016

Ron HeXe-guitar,vocals
Jim Roderick-bass
Paul Butler-drums
mastered by Marty Crowell



all rights reserved


Ron HeXe and Ghoul Squad Boston, Massachusetts

GHOUL SQUAD,ex-FreeZe,eleventh hour,34 vampires,Mr.Fur and any other side project i came up with at the time..currently recording acoustic and full band stuff..THIS IS THE ORIGINAL GHOUL SQUAD FROM CAPE COD,MA. former pusmort,thrasher,horror punk icons.... ... more

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Track Name: Disfunction
you pushed me
I push you
it's so true I remember when we were so good
the best around
then we climbed the hill
spite in your eyes
you pushed me down
I'm falling
youre laughing
it's so true
Track Name: Night of the ghouls
Scream loud from your head
This is all a scam
you are mine
bringing back the dead,to the world
but the price you pay won't be good

Something else is here
in the woods
walking in a trance
paybacks a bitch
and youre poor
let go of your souls
evil ones
Track Name: On the high
Go on and love him I won't care
just let me keep a lock of your hair
i'm on the high and I can't fail
i'm on the winning side this time

words surround the sound of my sound
I keep on falling down by your house
words they block the sound of my sound and so I keep on falling down

she found a way out of this town
on the high she can't come down
let her ways die out
let her ways die out

I keep on laughing from a kiss
I can't be broken so don't try
let me crawl inside your skull
and I will prove it's all so strong
Track Name: Nowhere is everywhere
Sometimes life just makes me sick
i'm always looking for the quick fix
and I can't seem to get "nowhere"
tell me now why should I care?
falling down I crush my will
and I can't face another day
but you stick right by me still
keeping death out of my grip

Found out nowhere is everywhere
it's time for another plan

Now I can't get out of bed
demons crawl inside my head
wishing I could run away
I'm punished with another day
Track Name: Subdue
A note is passed "within your class"
a dream I had
growing so old before my eyes
a flower wilts and then it dies..
so you asked me what I meant
I make no sense
subdue it mister to follow wishes
So I pray to someone I can't see
what's wrong she said
i'm failing me
words feel like stone upon my tongue
stick the fork in
I think i'm done